Construction Scotland – Additional Covid-19 Advice

Construction Scotland
Working on site during the COVID-19 pandemic: Construction Guidance
Advance addendum no. 1: 11th January 2021

Today we saw the group Construction Scotland take the so far unprecedented step to publish an addendum in advance of their advice being revised and re-published.


This was due to the urgent nature to provide additional guidance and clarity to the construction sector and we welcome their diligent and speedy action.

We have issued an urgent update to our subscribers to the cdmm(UK) Ltd health and safety system and our consultants are supporting a number of Principal Contractors in ensuring these guidelines are met.

There are some really key messages contained within the addendum that we must strenuously try to comply with if our sector is to avoid further restrictions and the most important is:

Review of site arrangements for adequacy:

All existing site arrangements should be reviewed for adequacy, including physical
distancing, hygiene, face-covering and ventilation measures. Are the measures in place still
appropriate for the site population and the nature of the work environment? Can the
measures adopted be enhanced/improved? Is additional monitoring resource required?

As always we are ready and waiting to assist you with complying with any changes to the guidance on Covid-19 Just drop us a line on info@cdmm.co.uk